Have you noticed a watermark on your ceiling? Did you find some shingles in your yard after the last storm? Are your gutters sagging? These are signs your roof is distressed. Top Source Contracting in Dallas-Fort Worth offers free roof inspections to discover the cause of the signs you are seeing to determine if you need commercial roof repair or residential roof replacement. Below, we’ll list common signs you’ll notice of roof stress and roof repair.  Contact us today for your free roof inspection!



  • Missing shingles. When you find shingles in your yard after the latest storm, it’s time to get a roof inspection. Missing shingles is like missing paint on your car, which can lead to rust and corrosion over time. These are areas exposed to the elements, which increases the likelihood rain will penetrate your roof and cause damage inside your home.
  • Shingles that look different. If your shingles don’t look like they did the day you had your roof installed, they may be damaged. Signs of damaged shingles include cracked shingles, curled shingles, or shingles that are a different color, which could indicate water penetration.
  • Black crumbs coat your gutters and yard. Shingles are made of granules. Granules were added to roof shingles to add sturdiness and protection to your roof. They also help keep UV rays off the shingles’ asphalt coating, help to make the shingles more fire resistant, and help make it easier to pack the shingles when they are manufactured and then shipped to roof installers. It’s normal to lose these granules gradually as your shingles age. However, if you notice an inordinate amount either in your gutters or your yard, call your local roof inspector to have the health of your shingles evaluated.
  • Flashing is damaged. Flashing are the metal pieces installed around any opening on your roof’s surface (such as around chimneys, vents, or pipes). Their job is to prevent water penetration into your roof. If these are damaged, odds are water is seeping in. Get a roof inspection to check your flashing.
  • Sagging roof. Roofs are designed to slope in order to facilitate runoff from rain and snow. However, sloping, which is a straight line, does not look like sagging, which is an indentation in your roof that should not be there. This usually indicates a leak and needs to be inspected promptly. Furthermore, if you notice your ceiling sagging for no reason, this could be water damage from a leaking roof.
  • Algae growth. Anything green should not be on your roof, unless you chose a green roofing material. Algae and fungus thrive in stagnant moisture. If you have algae on your roof, call Top Source Contracting as soon as possible, so we can discover the source and begin roof repairs before this damage causes the need for an entire roof replacement.
  • Wet spots on your ceiling. If you notice wet spots on your ceiling, call Top Source Contracting immediately for a roof inspection. You almost certainly have a leaking roof, which is causing damage to your attic and ceiling. Depending on how much insulation you have in your roof, this may need replacing as well.
  • You look up from your kitchen table, and see the sun. This is definitely not a good sign. Holes in your roof need immediate roof repair. When you call Top Source Contracting, we’ll send out a professional roof repair technician right away to get this hole fixed.
  • Higher energy bills. If you can’t explain why your heating or cooling bill is going through the roof (pardon the pun), this could be a sign of a roofing ventilation problem or a leaking roof. Call Top Source Contracting today for a free roof inspection.

Roof replacement for your home or business is one of the biggest expenses for a homeowner or business owner. You can help the longevity of your roof by investing in roof repairs. Roof repairs will fix the leaks, the missing shingles, and the other roofing problems before they cause extensive damage and warrant a roof replacement. You’ll save time and expense with roof repair services by Top Source Contracting. When you call us, we’ll inspect your roof and note any signs of damage. We’ll prepare an estimate and get started right away, so your roof does not sustain any further damage from the Texas wayward winds or rain storms that come your way.

Top Source Contracting offers residential roof repair as well as commercial roof repairs and residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacement. We offer solar roofing as well, which is eco-friendly and reduces the cost of your energy bills. Top Source Contracting is the best roofing company in Dallas-Fort Worth. Call us today for your roof installation, roof repair, or roof inspection for either your home or your business!

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