The sun is the most powerful body in our solar system. The energy from the sun helps to sustain all life on earth. As we saw recently with the total solar eclipse that was visible in most of North America, when the sun “vanishes”, the earth is plummeted into darkness, temperatures drop, and all life is thrown into a state of confusion (which if you were anywhere near the totality zone, you experienced first-hand as you attempted to leave for home afterwards).

Top Source Contracting in Dallas-Fort Worth believes in harnessing the sun’s energy and turning it into energy to power your home or business. We install POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 Solar Shingles, which captures the sun’s rays and promotes the health of our planet. Below, we’ll detail the benefits of solar roofing. Contact us today for your free estimate!



  • Drastically reduce or completely eliminate your energy bills. For many, this is the number one reason they install solar roof panels. On sunny days, your solar panels will collect the sun’s rays, convert it into usable energy for your home, and if there is extra, either store it in your solar battery, or sell it back to the power grid (or utility company). On cloudy days, your solar roof panels will still collect sunlight and turn it into energy — it just won’t be as much. You probably won’t have any extra to sell back, or you may have to draw from the power grid yourself.
  • Earn tax credits, rebates, and write-offs. The federal government allows you a federal income tax credit of 30 percent of the cost of installation of your solar roof panels. This can run into the thousands of dollars, depending on how many solar panels your install. Furthermore, most states and localities offer rebates as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), which is what you trade with your utility company. In a very short amount of time, you could have half the cost of solar roof panel installation covered. Very soon, with SRECs and the amount you’ll save on utility bills, you’ll see a return on your investment that will only continue to grow.
  • Start saving from day one. As soon as your solar roof panels are installed and hooked up to the power grid, you’ll start saving money as you use the sun’s energy instead of the utility company’s.
  • Increases the value of your home. Solar roof panels are extremely attractive to home buyers. One, the buyers don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of installing solar panels themselves. With everyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, it doesn’t get more renewable than clean solar power.
  • Eco-friendly. You are reducing the amount of carbon energy you are using, thus helping the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, as well as air and water pollution caused by coal and gas-producing plants. With most solar panels lasting up to 20 years, you won’t have to replace them with roofing material that just ends up in a landfill.
  • Extends the life of your roof. Since solar roof panels sit on top of your roof, your roof is not exposed to the elements as much. Furthermore, since the sun is being absorbed by the solar panels instead of by your roof, you’ll use less energy cooling your home in the summer.
  • Immune to energy cost fluctuations. Since it’s free to collect the sun, you won’t experience any rise in energy costs, such as you do when the price of oil or natural gas goes up. This helps grow your pocketbook.
  • Saves water. Water is a big component in coal and natural gas processing plants. Large amounts of water are used for cooling purposes in these plants, thus straining the local water supply, especially in the case of drought.
  • Improves public health. With less emissions and pollution from processing plants, solar energy helps to reduce harmful gases you may be inhaling or harmful substances from water contamination that might occur, which decreases premature mortality rates and healthcare costs.

As you can see, solar energy has vast benefits that you can take advantage of. Top Source Contracting serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area with all things roofing, from commercial roof repair, residential roofing replacements, and solar roof panel installation. When you receive a solar roofing installation, every solar roof panel is installed to fit your home.

The process of solar panel roof installation is much the same as a regular roof installation, taking about the same amount of time. We do everything we can to accommodate you during this process, with times and days that work for you. We come as quietly as we can and clean up when we go, leaving you with just a custom solar roof. Customer service is always in the forefront of our minds. Contact Top Source Contracting in Dallas-Fort Worth today to get started!

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