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Signs You Need A Roof Repair

Have you noticed a watermark on your ceiling? Did you find some shingles in your yard after the last storm? Are your gutters sagging? These are signs your roof is distressed.

Benefits Of Solar Roofing

Top Source Contracting in Dallas-Fort Worth believes in harnessing the sun’s energy and turning it into energy to power your home or business. 

The Most Popular Roofing Materials

Since the dawn of time, humans have needed a roof over their heads. From a simple cave shelter, branches, leaves, clay, mud, adobe, and wood, roofs have improved drastically over time. Although the materials may have changed, the overall structure and functionality hasn’t.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are amazing feats of engineering that have many applications. From your landscape lighting to lighting up cemetery headstones and powering whole homes and businesses, solar panels have virtually unlimited application potential.

Common Causes Of Roof Damage And What You Can Do To Mitigate Them

A storm can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When hail starts falling, you can only stand by and watch as Mother Nature takes her toll. While you feel blessed as the hail bounces off your roof, protecting you and all you own, when the banging stops, you worry about the damage caused. Mother Nature is just one common cause of roof damage.

Welcome To Top Source Contracting!

Welcome to Top Source Contracting, Dallas-Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® roofing contractors! Here on our news page, we’ll offer up many tips and tricks to keep your residential, commercial, and solar roof in tip-top shape. 


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